List Building Software Review

List Building Software Review

List Building Software Review

This article on list building software review will list the important points which a marketer must include while reviewing list building software. It will also discuss the various types of software such as autoresponders, link building software and email marketing software which is important while doing a list building software review.

The first thing which a marketer must decide while doing a list building software review is how many subscribers is he expecting in his list. This is an important consideration because many list building software have limits on the number of email ids they can handle. This is especially true of the free list building software available for download. If the marketer starts with a free software and if his business grows larger than what the software can handle, he will want to upgrade to a better software and then it becomes difficult to import the existing list into the new software. The marketer must then request all his subscribers to opt-in again in which process, he might lose some subscribers. Therefore, it is better to do a list building software review to discover their subscription limits and choose one which will handle business growth.

Another thing to note in a list building software review is the features that the software is offering. Again the difference in free and premium software is that free software has limited features while premium software offers advanced features such as personalization and tracking of email deliverability. Tracking of emails is an important point to consider in list building software review. Analytics such as the number of emails sent, number of emails bounced, number of emails undeliverable and the number of emails opened are useful for the marketer in managing his list and campaign.

Most marketers tend to stick to basic features of these list building software. However, if they want to stand out from their competition and develop the most exciting newsletters for their target audience, they must use the advanced features of these software which can be learned about with a thorough list building software review. An example of an advanced feature is templates which can be used to create highly attractive HTML newsletters with text and images.

List building software review

should essentially involve the review of three different kinds of software. List building is not just about collecting email ids, it is also about being constantly in touch with the list members by sharing quality content, automation of list management tasks and most importantly automating the process of building the list itself by using link building software. So here are the three stages in the process of going through a list building software review.

  1. Autoresponder software helps the marketer to manage the lists he builds. This should be the first software that a marketer must consider while doing a list building software review. The main autoresponder software to consider are AWeber and GetResponse. Both are the best software in their category and have similar features but differ in pricing. The marketer must do an in-depth comparison of both these autoresponder software and then choose one of them for his list management.
  2. The next software which a marketer must evaluate in the process of doing the list building software review is an email marketing software. There are several overlaps in the features of autoresponder software and email marketing software. The marketer must carefully choose that which is appropriate for his needs. Some of the well known email marketing software are iContact, MailChimp, ConstantContact, Email Marketing Professional and SendBlaster.
  3. List building software review must also include the review of link building software because link building is an important activity which attracts the target audience to the marketer’s site and increases opt-ins. There are several software which automate a part of the link building process. These include article marketing software which automatically publishes articles in hundreds of article libraries, traffic building software such as traffic exchanges, video marketing software such as traffic geyser, blog commenting software like Comment Kahuna, viral list building software like and feed engines like Feed burner which act as link blasters. All these software contribute to increasing backlinks to the site which increases the number of opt-ins.

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